Why we didn’t vaccinate baby Noor

Enough people have asked, so I’m going to just blog about it and then point people here:

I think it’s very important to carefully consider possible harm vs. probably benefits before subjecting your child to something.  When we did that, we concluded that the vaccination regimen that is prescribed in the U.S. today is clearly much more likely to do harm to our child than to help her, even just using statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control itself. (No need for wild speculation here – just read below).

I outlined my thoughts in an email from Nov 28th, 2012 to my cousin-in-law Zed, who was about to have a baby and was doing research.  He had just attended a vaccination class and had shared his class notes with me for comment.  Due to my laziness, I’ve just kinda block-quoted that email, with a few [added notes] inserted to clarify some points:


Thanks for [your notes on the vaccination class].

As you may know we chose not to vaccinate Noor at all for now.
(Of course, if we decide to go globe-hopping or she decides to become a missionary in Africa, we’ll revisit this decision… 🙂

The simple reason is that the incidence of most of these diseases in the whole US (forget about affluent areas), is just so friggin low… It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to catch ’em… and when you do, most are non-fatal / with no permanent damage.

Diseases like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc, are just a 2-6 week inconvenience max when handled properly, with maybe a hospital visit.  They are nothing to even think about really, given the incidence rate — unless, of course, you make money scaring people and selling them something based on it.

If you don’t believe me, here is the infection rate (not death, just infection) of these diseases from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the whole U.S. for all 2012:

Measles: (a non-life-threatening disease) : 54 people
Mumps: (a non-life-threatening disease) : 69 people 
Rubella: (a non-life-threatening disease) : 7 people 

Anyway, the odds of [just catching] one of these is lower than winning the lottery:  literally 1 in 6,000,000 for measles which is the most common one!  And if you do, so what, they’re non-life threatening!

Yet, CDC reports Severe Adverse Reaction (aka Encephalitis or Brain Damage!) for MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine at 1 in 1,000,000 (6x the infection rate!). (click here for report – scroll down page)

And then there are some other really scary diseases (but just look at the 2012 US infection rate!):
Diptheria (life threatening w/ 10% death rate.) : 1 person (first person in the last 5 years!)
Tetnus: (life threatening w/ 25% death rate) : 36 people (means 7 people in the US died of this in 2012! ok?  But 7 probably died of ingesting too many gummy bears too… so what?)
Polio: (life threatening 30% death rate) : 0 people (none in past 5 years!
HiB: (life threatening w/ 5% death rate) : 23 people

The odds of [just catching] these are like winning the super-lotto (or even impossible!), literally 1 in 10,000,000 for Tetanus which is the most common one!

Yet, CDC reports Severe Adverse Reactions (aka Encephalitis or Brain Damage!) for DTAP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertusis) Vaccine at 1 in 100,000 (100x infection rate!) (click here for report – scroll down page)

Then of course you have more common diseases:
Influenza (flu)
Chicken Pox
Pertusis (whooping cough)
Rotovirus (diarreah for god’s sake!)

But these are just not life threatening in any way for most health people!  Vaccinating against these for a healthy person (child or adult) is just wrong imho.  Because getting each, while not great fun, stimulates your bodies own immunity and makes you stronger.  Think: that means that each infection is not only a lost vaccination charge, but means fewer potential hospital visits in the future! (Terrible for the system, good for you).  For instance, getting Chicken Pox once when you’re young is preferable to getting vaccinated several times, developing shingles (recurring chicken pox light) as an adverse side-effect, only to get full blown chicken pox later on in life when it’s much more complicated and dangerous.  (Trust me, I was vaccinated young, but still got it at 20 and it was no fun at all!)

Now, all this purely mathematical, [clear cut statistics from the CDC itself!!] aside I think it’s safe to say that all vaccines also [could have unknown / disputed side effects too — after all, each vaccine has a bunch of foreign substances that you probably wouldn’t want to ingest, much less have an infant to be exposed to, unnecessarily.  Now, while I don’t believe there is hard and fast evidence of any direct association other serious health issues like autism, etc.,  I’d rather be conservative when it comes to trusting that it’s all perfectly safe.] Also, I don’t trust most sources for being totally on my side when it comes to disclosing [any health risks] in a proactive conservative manner.  For instance, let’s say autism were linked to one of these vaccines.  I’d assume that the parent pharma company would go on for years spending tons of money to dispute the claims, muddy the waters, etc., before it was totally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (global warming anyone?) — But, it’s quite telling that these same companies have already cut a deal” with the gov so you can’t sue them for adverse reactions, through which they have already paid out [updated: $2,503,673,201] in settlements to petitioners!  I’m sure this isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts, and imagine what the dollars involved must be, and what the real damages must be if this is their “advance settlement.”

So, onto the last remaining issue, which is herd immunity or “doing your part.”

Well, even for the most virulent of deadly diseases like Polio and Diptheria, the % vaccination needed for herd immunity is about 85%.  So, with vaccination rates well above 85% for almost everything, I don’t think you need to worry too much about that.   Would you vote for a presidential candidate in a Democratic CA where you’re sure the delegates are going to the Democratic Party, if there was a chance you could get brain damage when you did it? Umm, no.

Anyway… that’s kinda where I stand on it.

The whole thing smells like a good idea gone wrong.  It was a great to mass immunize when we had epidemics and needed to eliminate these diseases and obviously if you’re likely to be exposed, or if there is a crazy epidemic you should reconsider.  However, a “herd mentality” to vaccinate everyone for everything from age zero? Especially if the chances [for brain-damage are orders of magnitude higher from those same vaccines, and there may be] consequences of a compromised immune system and other side-effects just mean more $$$ to the same people vaccinating you? I’m sorry, but NO.  I’m just not going to go for that.

To me this looks like a big money profit-making scheme that has used our overall ignorance of Math / Statistics, and subverted our medical professionals to do its marketing.

So for Nooricakes, we follow a simple logic:  Look at the numbers and prioritize issues.

Anything that is a < 1 in 1,000,000, we try not to worry about at all, (especially if the thing in question is not even deadly!), because when we spend an hour on worrying about that, logic would dictate that should spend thousands of hours worrying about things that are still unlikely, but 1000’s of times likelier to be a problem.  And life’s too short to spend that much of it worrying! 🙂

That said, if you do want something to worry about for your baby, here are some topics to consider, in order of priorty:
1) Sugar intake : major helper of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, you name it… killing millions of people each year and I don’t see anyone sending me “Sugar Panel Notes” 🙂
2) Food intake (quantity) : weight issues affecting 200,000,000 (2/3rds of the population)
3) Food / Water / Air intake (quality) : Nutrition, artificial additives, contaminants, preservatives, in food, air, water disrupting our natural biological systems
4) TV / Consumer commercialism pervading our lives with empty ideals and a sense of fear & loathing… Something that’s basically fucking the whole US. 🙂

and way in the distance after those:

5) Accidental Injury or Trauma : >900,000 ER visits and >9,000 deaths (more than 10,000x more likely to be an issue for your child than anything to do with immunization!  Still deaths are almost inconsequentially rare here: like 9000/73,000,000 kids in US or ~1 in 10,000)

All in all, there just isn’t that much to worry about outside of the top 4.  But, of course, those make the system too much money to talk about… so, they are conveniently ignored. 🙂

Anyhow, now that I’ve spent 3 hours on this, I literally am not allowed to speak about this again for the rest of my life (according to my own rule above. 😉

So enjoy the coming baby and remember

don’t worry… be happy! 🙂




153 thoughts on “Why we didn’t vaccinate baby Noor

  1. Thanks for raising awareness about this issue. There’s a great book, “Sanctity of Human Blood,” by Tim O’Shea that folks might want to read with similar arguments and excellent background/references and research. A colleague gave me a copy a few years ago and I was floored at the actual research/stats and corresponding disconnect with public practice/recommendations from the medical arena. Definitely worth a read and much in support of the points you make.

  2. Farinoush says:

    How about , the reason there is such low incidents numbers is the fact that children are getting vaccinated ,and if everyone decided to stop the processes ,we would see much higher numbers.

    • Farhad Mohit says:

      If everyone stops at once, the rate will go up… but the CDC incidence numbers are updated on a weekly basis here:

      and we’d see which rates are going up by how much, and where and act accordingly. I just think that a blanket vaccinate everyone for everything possible (including non-life threatening stuff like the flu / rotovirus / etc.) policy is not the safest thing for people who are actively following this stuff to adhere to.

        • Farhad Mohit says:

          many things are “life threatening”. The question is at what level and with what probability. That is where these analyses usually fall through. As an example Bicycles are much more life-threatening than the rotovirus in the U.S.

          Death by Rotovirus in U.S. : 369/year avg.
          Death by Bicyle in U.S. : 618/year avg.

          Also, depending on your situation and how you monitor / handle your kid and the level of care you can administer, likelihood of death by rotovirus could be much lower for your child.
          But, likelihood of death by bicycle (since it’s a sudden accident) is much harder to control as a parent.

          Just saying that these things are a matter of degrees / probability and most people aren’t really looking at the numbers and acting accordingly. If they were, and acting rationally, controlling sugar intake and food quantity / quality, household contaminants (cleaning agents, waxes, glues, polishes, makeup, etc.) and television consumption would be the things that they would be spending 99.99999% of their time worry about. That’s the stuff that’s killing our population, not rotovirus or flu. 🙂

        • As a Certified Pediatric Nurse, I assure you… the rotavirus vaccines is FAR more life threatening than rotavirus is. Do you know what rotavirus is? It’s a really bad gastrointestinal bug. In most cases, it can be treated with pedialyte or other electrolyte balanced fluids and perhaps something like immodium. In worse cases, yes, an IV will be needed to keep fluids on board while the body recovers.

          Do you know that the rotavirus vaccine has been pulled off the market four times for causing intussusception? That is a truly life threatening condition where the intestines telescope over themselves, leading to necrosis. If not addressed surgically, that can lead to serious and even fatal complications in a very short time frame.

          So, basically, fluids and maybe an IV… or a life threatening condition requiring surgical intervention. That’s the “benefit” of the rotavirus vaccine.

        • Robert says:

          Ha ha ha:) That is a good one. Walking on the street is also deadly. You can get shot, mugged, robbed, raped and so on. I suggest you don’t leave the house.

        • vaccineshurtbabies says:

          I for one would much rather get the flu than the flu shot, especially as the listed side-effects of the flu shot are identical with the symptoms of the flu.

          I think one needs to keep in mind that vaccines cause far more harm including deaths than the diseases they are used against.

          This is also why I would much prefer any child of mine to spend a few days in bed with measles, mumps or rubella, rather than suffer possibly life-long vaccine-induced autism, thank you very much!

    • Sarah says:

      Vaccinations are NOT the reason these diseases have such low incident rates now. Do some research, the rate of contracting these diseases were on the decline BEFORE vaccinations were ever put in place!!!! Better living conditions (clean water, safer food, better hygiene) are the REAL reason these diseases are on the decline. Rates were on the decline in other countries around the World during the same time that did NOT have vaccines either!

      Also, most vaccinations have shown to not have lifelong immunity, why do you think you need so many boosters? All you are doing is (supposedly) protecting a child until they are around 12 years old (about the age of the last booster shots) and then they are left for the rest of their lives to be susceptible to these diseases, which are usually WORSE when contracted by adults.

      It’s time to educate yourselves sheeple, not just speculate!

      • Base Vol Gal says:

        amazing how all these different diseases were eradicated in different decades…. but it was all just due to washing hands, clean water etc….. Hmmmmm Logical Fallacy much?

        • Js says:

          Most diseases were already dramatically declining by the time the vaccinations came out, including the horrid polio! Was almost gone by itself by the time they started shooting up the population and giving everyone cancer!

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you very much Farinoush, for being the voice of sanity. By the way, this article doesn’t have all of the facts in order. Death rate for measles pre-vaccination was 30%. In 2011, measles caused over 150,000 deaths in countries that had no vaccinations. Rubella can cause disabilities in children and will cause fetal death in pregnant women exposed to it. Polio, which was almost completely eradicated in the US many years ago, causes irreversable paralysis in children – 5-10% of whom die from it. It was decreased by 99% between 1998 and last year. As for pertussis, 16 million cases of pertussis occurred worldwide in 2008, 95% of which were in developing countries, and that some 195,000 patients died from this disease. Autism is not now nor has it ever been caused by a shot or any other environmental factor – it is genetic. It happens in the womb. These facts were not taken from the CDC, they were taken mostly from the WHO. WE IN THE US VACCINATE OUR KIDS, THIS IS WHY WE OUR STATISTICS ARE SO LOW!!!

      • vgnsocjust says:

        “The death rate for the measles prevaccination was 30%” source? The CDC says that the rate of death or disability from the measles is 1/1000, NHS says that its 1/5000. Before vaccination when measles was endemic to the US and there were millions of cases per year the death rate was around 500 per year. The same as chicken pox which was not considered life threatening when I was a child; it was considered a normal childhood illness. Rubella cannot cause death in women if they contract it during pregnancy (source?) It can cause birth defects in up to 20% of pregnancies which is why titter tests for immunity during pregnancy are important; however rubella was considered eliminated from the US in 2004 and eliminated from the Americas in April of this year. 90-95% of people who contract polio show no symptoms what so ever, 10-15% show MINOR symptoms, .05% experience paralysis but it is only permanent in a small percentage of those people. Polio is considered eradicated globally with the exception of Pakistan and Syria. The CDC themselves admits that the current Dtap vaccine is less effective at preventing whooping cough than the previous DTP vaccine. Of the over 48,000 cases of whooping cough in California in 2012 there were 20 deaths. That’s a death rate of much less than 1%. I don’t believe that vaccines cause autism but the rate of autism has increased from 1/500 to 1/88. There is no possible way it could be a genetic disease because in studies on identical twins both do not always develop autism and genetic diseases remain consistent in numbers. Going by WHO statistics to establish then risk to children in the US does not make sense because our children are better nourished, in much more sanitary environments than children globally.

      • Robert says:

        Why would you take data from WHO? They were the main drive in avian, SARS and swine vaccine sale spreading propaganda on alleged epidemics. Bunch of money makers. But the most stupid thing that can come out from somebody’s mouth is that autism is genetic. So where are all the autistic people born in ’50s, ’60s and ’70s? Nowadays we have clearly an epidemics of autism and there is no such a thing as genetic epidemic.

      • Chilllaxed says:

        I love when angry people use ALL CAPS. Is that the really important part of your argument? I guess you are happy high blood pressure is on the market in case someone ever takes your keyboard away. Lmao. What a moron.

        • Rebecca says:

          ….my father is slightly autistic.
          My elder brother is slightly autistic
          My younger sister is slightly autistic
          My cousin has Autism.
          However, everyone else I know has been vaccinated and doesn’t have Autism.
          How do you think people became immune to smallpox and how did people stop the epidemic of it? Naturally?

  3. Farzad says:

    You have very good points and for some vaccination makes perfect sense. Once a child goes to school/Park they are exposed. This is pretty clear during winter when large number of children get a flu. This will be true for other germs too if rate of vaccination goes down. There are some opportunities while the rate of vaccination is high but lets be real this is called opportunistic solution. It is a very good bet.

    The real solution is vaccination. However, there is not much transparency on the vaccination these days and there are some dirty hand and that makes it difficult for parents. Some vaccination is more harmful than do good. Unfortunately it has become like food, you have to read the labels and educate yourself as what to buy. Even that is difficult as foods are not all labeled so we have to choose the right stores or avoid unlabeled food.

    We do not use our computers without anti virus software, same principal applies to our children. The statistic of how many computers are not impacted by viruses lately does not work. It just takes a bad email or in the case of our kids it takes a food going bad or touching a bird or taking a trip to Mexico. We need to find the right vaccination and go over the pros and cons of each. Do they have mercury or not, do we need to do multi vaccination or individual vaccination, when to do them, how to time them, etc. There are many vaccination options. Unfortunately the system has made it very difficult for parents. It was a very tough decision for us too but we ended up vaccinating selectively mostly because my wife is a micro biologist and has worked for CDC. Whether it was mostly based on her fear of germs or her knowledge I would never know but I learned that this is not a black and white choice, specially when our Sister in-Law is Rustin’s doctor and she chose to vaccinate her daughter who is 1 year older than Rustin after much study.

    • Farhad Mohit says:

      thanks for your thoughtful reply. I totally agree with you that the choice to vaccinate or not requires continuous study and deliberation, and depends on many factors (location, risk of exposure, adverse effects from vaccination, etc.).

      I applaud you for taking an active stance. My point above was that there is all this good data and we should all be doing the same.

    • Carol says:

      People in the medical field have a completely different “educated” view on vaccines. They do not believe in the harm done by them. No one here has mentioned GAPS. If GAPS is present in infants then the vaccines CAN CAUSE AUTISM . ….. there is a simple blood test that will tell you if your child has GAPS (leaky gut) and those infants should never be given vaccine by injection at all. Just my thoughts.

      • “…those infants should never be given vaccine by injection at all.”

        I agree with Dr Viera Scheibner PhD who says:
        “Vaccines contain substances which should not ever be injected into a human body.”

    • vaccineshurtbabies says:

      In my 20 years of studying vaccination I have yet to come across scientific evidence showing that vaccines are of any benefit – apart of course from the financial benefits to the criminals running the vaccination racket.

  4. Dear Farhad, is a community service bilingual Iran News and Events search engine with about 500,000 users (outside Iran). Please feel free to send the good blog there for exposure to our Iranian user base (on our English layout). PS: The strongest evidence to this date is against vaccines with mercury based additives, but the number of vaccines and the necessity of some like flue are also strongly questioned.

    • All vaccines are without exception useless and dangerous Ramin. Vaccination has been a failure and a fraud right from the beginning, starting with Edward Jenner’s barbaric cowpox vaccine against smallpox. If Jenner were to have died in an accident before 1796 when he invented his diabolical concotion, he would have done humanity a great favour as it would have spared babies, women and children enormous suffering. .

  5. Kamran Kafi says:

    As a proponent of a balanced, scientific, and safe approach to vaccination I’d like to add a few elements that should be included in the decision making when deciding whether or not, and when to vaccinate (ignoring standardized schedule).

    1. Mode of transmission – for example Tetanus is not contagious. It is contracted when a wound comes in contact with soil contaminated with the tetanus bacterium. There are low incidence rates due to current vaccinations so looking at even incidence rates is misleading. Rates in unvaccinated children under 5 were somewhere closer to 1:500000, which although still low, it is higher then the complication rate for serious adverse reactions for the sole vaccine.

    2.Age of vaccination – Although age 0 is possibly too early to start, taking into account the dynamics of immune system maturation, there are issues with vaccinating late such as lower levels of achieved active and long term immunity and increased rates of more severe adverse reactions to vaccination products.

    Simple source to help people navigate this area is SmartVax ( It includes up to date incidence rates for various areas, guides for determining high-risk vs low risk vaccines, guides to confronting your pediatrician, and helping you make the best individualized vaccination decisions

    • Ariel says:

      To add to what Kamran said and clear up one falsehood in the blog post:

      ->Vaccinations do not make the immune system weaker, and getting the “native” virus or bacteria does not make the immune system stronger than getting vaccinated against it. When someone gets vaccinated, they are exposed to the antigen (i.e. identifier) of the virus or bacteria, which stimulates the immune system in the exact same way that getting the real thing does. Except, you don’t get sick. Vaccination is target practice for the body. It >strengthens< the immune system. There's nothing badass about waiting to get the real thing.

      • Carol says:

        It is not necessarily the virus that is in question, it is the other things in the vaccines (for me anyway) like thimerosal and aluminum. They cross the blood brain barrier in very small children and infants and do harm to the brain. AND I do believe vaccines weaken your natural immune system. You build immunity by having contact, whether it makes you ill or not, with virus and infection. Most children not vaccinated are sick less often and require less hospitalization than immunized children. Wish I had the link to that article….

        • Most vaccines.. example flu vaccine.. WILL compromise the immune system for a few weeks after the shot. Which is why people can get the flu in that time. They blame the vaccine giving it to them, and indirectly it is, as their immune system is down, and they are vulnerable to anything going around.

      • Autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing in places that have the highest vaccination rates. Do you know why? Vaccines stimulate the immune system by adding antigens and stimulants(heavy metals and various other toxins) to force the body to produce antibodies(against a false enemy). The adjuvents cause the body to produce more antibodies then they would normally produce. If you are not exposed to the illness the antibody has been formed to protect against, well the antibody can become bored/confused/crazy and attack the myelin sheath. Keep in mind your immune system was just tricked into believing this sickness was in circulation so they are formed and geared towards attack. Also antibodies can be fine and not go haywire for decades. Seems ridiculous to prep the body for “war” and be surprised when it self destructs(autoimmune) from the lack of an enemy. The cost of the vaccine program seems to be short term health and long term complications. Complications that are worse than most the illness’ that vaccines are suppose to protect against.

        • I would say that vaccine programs cause short-term ill-health and long-term health disorders. Dr Fudenberg e.g. says that people who have a flu shot for five years in a row have a ten-fold increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s later in life. I’d rather get the flu any day!

      • alyssa says:

        That’s totally false. Vaccinations do not mimic true immunity AT ALL. Do not discredit the amazing immune system and think that by injecting a small amount of virus into muscle tissue and using ingredients like aluminum to call fourth a reaction, is the same as getting the disease naturally. This is why someone who gets measles will have life-long immunity, where the vaccine only lasts a couple decades at most. I had the MMR shot as a child, and had my titers checked at age 26. No antibodies whatsoever to measles anymore. As hard as science tries, it cannot measure up to good ol’ mother nature! Watch this!

        • Great comment! It is foolish to believe that one can fool the immune system in this way and that the injection of highly toxic chemicals and foreign protein into a living organism will keep that organism healthy.

          “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”
          Dr Herbert Shelton, USA .

          It will be interesting to see whether enough people wake up to this dangerous fraud and refuse to vaccinate their children before the psychopaths who run the show manage to exterminate the human race with their toxic potions.

    • vaccineshurtbabies says:

      There is no such thing as a smart vaccination. The only smart option is in my estimation to keep one’s child vaccine-free. Vaccination is strictly for morons.

  6. deri says:

    Thank you for all your research and your decision not to vaccinate. The risks far outweigh the benefits, and there is so many other bad side effects that one can bring up. A healthy immune system is so strong! Humans have lasted thousands of years without western medicine. We need to go back to a holistic plant medicine approach. Don’t take it personal when people can’t think outside the box. Most people are programmed by society, and if you present them with a new idea, they immediately reject it, “Cognitive Dissonance.” I know people who swear that vaccines have permanently injured their children. Most people wont believe it until it happens to them. These poor children are guinea pigs, and will spend the rest of their lives pay Big Pharma for medical costs, especially when things go wrong. Let me add a few facts

    -Vaccines often do not contain the same strain of virus you would come into contact with in nature or wild, the strain of virus in the vaccine has been mutated from growing in different cultures and lab experiments
    -You can actually get the disease from a live virus vaccine
    -Viruses in live virus vaccines can escape the immune system, get into the body, infect the body and then mutate into different strains (autopsies prove this.) Sometimes the virus will get into the brain as well as other organs in the body at the same time.
    -Heavy metals and adjuvants such as mercury, aluminum, MSG, squalene and formeldehyde cause brain damage and are linked to Alzheimer’s, lou gehrigs, gulf war syndrome and Parkinsons
    -Vaccines have caused outbreaks of the disease they are “trying” to prevent. Vaccines dont always work, that is why they add more adjuvants to them in order to try to make them stronger, which just causes more brain damage to children because the adjuvants are toxic!

  7. mojgy joy says:

    Farhad Jan
    I am happy to hear you have joined the very many people like myself who have decided to be aware and selective of what is put into our child’s body. As a mother of three healthy kids 16,14,12 year old i can confirm that you are making a very wise decision. I’ve been working for a homeopathic Doctor for 20 years and seen all kinds of reactions caused by vaccines. I know a pediatrician who would support this decision and has written articles on it as well.

    • Ed says:

      Mojy jan, would u email me the contact info for the pediatrician who is against vaccination, there are many responsible parents who are searching for such physicians. …. Thanks

  8. mojgy joy says:

    If you are interested in the homeopathic vaccines let me know we do provide them at the office i work at. I have to add one more thing though. You are much more brave than i was . I kept it to myself so i don’t have to hear the criticism. Bravo to your courage. May this valuable trait be contagious amongst parents.

  9. maralina says:

    The rates of effectiveness of immunizations are also quite low in many vaccines. When you look at the Pertussis outbreaks in America, 80% of the infected were vaccinated. Well, gee, that doesn’t make any sense. Because, if you were vaccinated, shouldn’t you NOT get the disease???

  10. Angel Xandro`s mom says:

    pleasse , help us … my son died after receiving measles-bof-rubelle vaccin he was 18 months old, it had giving him a sepsis after day 7 at night , it happend 3th of june and its stil is in case…
    could you pleasse contact me ? once the case is closed there is no way back for my sons right ….

  11. CATRYNA WHITE says:

    Fifty years ago I contracted Polio after the 3rd live dose was administered. Twenty years ago two of our puppies came down with Parvo after they received the vaccine. They were very sick; vomiting, diarrhea and pus coming out of their noses and eyes. Vaccines are not to be trusted

    • my dogs got kennel cough after my brother came over with his dog who had just been vaccinated at the vets office.. his dog caught it from the vaccine then he shed it to mine.. i didnt vaccinate any of my dogs afterward and they were always healthy.. the numbers don’t lie! over 80% of those who contracted pertussis were fully vaccinated!!! another 11% were partially.. you are right, they are NOT to be trusted!!

  12. dee braley says:

    Well, I felt the same way for years un-till I met a women ( 70+) who needed assistance with walking because of childhood polio, they did not have vacs for that when she was little. At that time I chose to change my mind about my children and their overall lifesppan.

    And as for your research, Polio is not curable there is no a cure for it, if someone ever contracts Polio which is still in our world, they will never get rid of it.
    Paralytic polio also may be classified as:
    Spinal polio – attacks motor neurons in the spinal cord and causes paralysis in arms and legs and breathing problems
    Bulbar polio – affects neurons responsible for sight, vision, taste, swallowing, and breathing
    Bulbospinal polio – both spinal and bulbar polio
    Many people with nonparalytic polio are able to make a full recovery, while those with paralytic polio generally end up with permanent paralysis.
    So you are ok if your child dies, is paralized or goes blind? all because you do not want to get a shot that was in fact eradicated in the US because of vacs.
    I do agree that many of our Vacs have become overdose, but to tell a young woman that she has cervical cancer because of HPV and that she has to have cells frozen and may not beable to have kids because of it, and now there is a vac to prevent this, it is a no brainer for me for I wish that they did have the HPV vac when I was little, so I did not have to be the girl with HPV and no kids.
    There are many kids that become sterile do to illnesses that if vacs were used they would not have issues, but their selfish parents choose not to and now they can’t have there own child.
    You are making a decision that could kill your own child, and you say that it is for her. I understand we all make choices for our children, I just pray for you child and for you that he/she never gets an illness that they can not recover from.
    I feel that you are making a very poor choice.
    We spread our vacs out and do choose to drop some, but the only reason that small pox, polio and others are eradicated is because we found a vac, in the old days people actually cut them selves and their children to give them selves the small pox disease so they may not die.
    I hope we never have this type of disease hit us, but we are stupid because no one in our generation has ever seen these types of mass killing diseases, And poor eating is not a disease, it is a choice a bad choice, and so is your choice.

    • which strain of HPV are you talking about, do you realize there are 100 recognized strains of this virus? there is no known percentage of people who have contracted cancer from it because most strains do not cause cancer, in fact birth control pills have been connected to cancer far more then HPV.. why would you not be able to have children with HPV.. it is estimated that 80% of adults have had it at some point in there life and you can have kids with it .. no problem, your body usually fights it off and after a few years you are immune to that particular strain.. IF you are healthy and have a strong immune system.. I have family who had polio.. they are fine.. do you know how to contract polio? it is from human feces.. how about that hygiene that has changed so much as that is the real reason we don’t have a huge issue with it anymore.. people use to toss buckets of feces out on the streets.. and poor eating is NOT a disease.. but it creates disease.. and so does vaccinating.. why would you inject something into your child that can cause damage, you can’t get it out once it goes in.. have you seen a child with a vaccine injury?? Yeah it’s horrible.. have you spoken to a parent who lost their child within 2 days of their shots and it was officially recorded as SIDS even though the DRs appointment said the child was perfectly healthy when they received those shots? I bet not. You are risking death just injecting those beautiful babies, it is NOT worth the risk.

      • Up to 95% of all people infected with Polio have NO symptoms 4-8% end up with flu like symptoms and recover with no adverse effects. 2 % have serious problems with the disease and .5 percent have major complications. Those facts along with it being a filth disease makes me shake my head every time someone holds up polio as the BIG BAD to scare people into a shot. A shot that has caused more disease and damage(causing actual polio and giving people SV40) in its history than the actual wild sickness. People in 3rd world countries are starving to death they live in deplorable conditions this is why they are in such horrible shape. They need food and clean living not a shot.

    • The majority of adults have had some form of HPV. You can be at risk of HPV from simply being alive. That means it can be contagious from everyday objects. Such as a grocery store buggy/cart. If someone has had HPV and gets the vaccine it increased their risk of precancerous cells by almost 50%. So I’ll pass on this vaccine. In the united states less than 4000 women die of cervical cancer a year. Regular check ups will keep you safer than a vaccine that can increase your risk of cancer. They push this ridiculous vaccine on boys now. Seriously if that doesn’t say it’s all about the money nothing does. Boys don’t have a cervix btw. This vaccine contains rDNA which makes it a potential mutagenic along with the regular cocktail of toxins. Please know what you are doing before injecting your children with this worthless vaccine.

      • Pushing this vaccine on boys makes perfect commercial sense as it doubles the market for the Merck Mafia.

        Check out truthaboutgardasil injuries and truthaboutgardasil memorial on the internet.

    • Are you *sure* it was polio?

      When the polio vaccines were introduced the diagnostic criteria changed at the same time. Thus a whole host of other conditions people had been calling polio dropped out of the numbers. Once again, it looked like vaccines came to the rescue when it was actually something else.

      The test went from paralysis for 24 hours to paralysis for 60 days. Also, a lab test for corroboration was required — which wasn’t required before the vaccines were introduced.

      Another factor that decrease the incidence of “polio” was the decline in DDT use, which was used in unconscionably large amounts at the time of the polio epidemic then was phased out.

      Paralysis can come from a toxic source (DDT but also arsenic, used commonly in Paris Green) or a viral source. In the case of polio it appears to have mostly been from a toxin (DDT). Watch how DDT used to be applied in this eye-opening video:

      So you can’t trust the polio incidence rates before and after the vaccines — at all. I’m not saying this diagnostic changes was done on purpose to make the PR of the polio vaccine look better (although that is certainly a plausible hypothesis given the polio hysteria at the time) but the effect certainly was to convince most of the planet that the polio vaccines were the cause of the decline in “polio.”

    • vaccineshurtbabies says:

      The Gardasil HPV vaccine is an absolute fraud and very dangerous. It has caused many injuries and deaths, and seems to also cause ovarian failure and early onset menopause in young women. This vaccine should in my opinion (along with all other vaccines) be banned.

      Polio is easily prevented (e.g.) by cutting sugar consumption. Lasting damage can also be prevented by various means. ALL so-called “vaccine-preventable” diseases can be treated by medical and alternative means.

  13. serenabird says:

    Your actions make no sense at all.

    Measles, for example, is one of the world’s most contagious diseases with a one in three risk of side effects. Right now they’ve got hundreds of cases in Wales. If your baby comes in contact with someone with the disease, that baby could very easily get it.

    Same thing with many other vaccine preventable diseases you ludicrously dismiss. The odds of brain damage for whooping cough in a small baby are one in a hundred. We had thousands of cases in America last year and many more worldwide, something you completely left out. Unvaccinated children are twenty-three times as vulnerable to the disease than their vaccinated counterparts.

    You’re leaving your baby deliberately unprotected against major childhood diseases because you mistakenly fear potential side effects. If you meet even a single person with one of these diseases who “thinks” like you do on this issue, the consequences for your poor baby could be horrific.

    • except you miss the point that the people who have contracted most of these diseases are vaccinated…. here is the USA 81% who caught pertussis were fully vaccinated.. 11% partially.. and 8% not.. looks like your chances of getting sick are higher when you are vaccinated… it does cause auto immune disorders after all.. this man is intelligent enough to think for himself you are falling into media propaganda, my mother is an RN and measles is NOT dangerous.. no more then the flu.. which the flu shot is completely ineffective for as they can not pin point the hundreds of strains there are out there and every year there is a different strain that is the culprit..

      • Maddy says:

        Looks like…but isn’t. You’re doing the maths incorrectly.

        It is not a matter of comparing the % vaccinated to % unvaccinated amongst only the victims of a disease. What you need to compare is the proportion of afflicted who were vaccinated (or not) with the proportion of the overall population who were vaccinated (or not). If 90% of the population were fully vaccinated, but only 80% of the victims were fully vaccinated, that shows the vaccination is protective. Compare that with the population being 10% unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated, but comprising 20% of the afflicted. They have double the chance of being affected by the disease than you’d expect if the vaccine did nothing.

        Both the measles and the flu are dangerous and can kill. Granted, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies, depending on how well the manufacturers have anticipated which strains will be the most common in the upcoming season, but it’s worth a try.

    • Farhad Mohit says:

      Did you see the part that big pharma has already paid over $2.5 billion dollars in damages from “adverse effects” of vaccination? Here is the link again:

      The risks to vaccinating are real and the chances of infection, very low. Even if my child were to get infected, I live in a modern city, a stones throw from great medical facilities. The chances of severe complications therefore are effectively nil. That’s why I said, everyone should evaluated this on an ongoing basis, given their own particular situation. For us (and I suspect many in the U.S., if they live in similar situations), vaccinating at the aggressive “suggested schedule” just does not make rational sense.

      • A legal finding is not the same as a scientific finding. The fact is, nearly half of the successful claims in vaccine court were for encephalitis and seizure disorder associated with the old whole cell DTP vaccine. In 1995, both were dropped as table injuries because research showed that vaccines did not cause those problems. The standard of proof in vaccine court is “more likely than not”, or what the judges call “50% and a feather.” The standard of proof in civil court is more strict.

        • Cassandra says:

          Actually, the old DTP vaccine was switched to the acellular DTaP vaccine because of the problems caused by DTP. My own brother had seizures directly after getting DTP vaccine back in 1990. The vaccine did cause those problems to many children.

        • “The standard of proof in vaccine court” pshhhh do a bit more research on that yeah. The timeline you have to fall under is ridiculous and blocks out the majority before they can even bring their case to be addressed. They also pick and choose which information they will allow. For example one of their experts changed his stance and they HID it!!!!! He updated his views and instead of taking his NEW statement they buried it!!!! Vaccine court is a JOKE.

    • Did you know that people use to have measles parties just like they use to have chicken pox parties? Measles has been shown to be an immune system booster that strengthens and fortifies the immune system even against cancer. Most the time measles is nothing. You tout that measles will kill a child, yes there have been sickly kids that have died from measles, but people/kids have died from the vaccine too. Perfectly healthy people have died from being stung by a bee. Life and death happen(as cold as that sounds). Don’t hold up bull alright. Vaccinating has plenty of risks. Risks against long term health. I’m so glad you brought up whooping cough! Nice… do you know why there was so many cases of whooping cough? Do you? I do because I actually keep up with my children’s health. Whooping cough was spread by the very vaccine that the world screamed for people to get. Yes that’s right! The vaccine caused and spread the disease. DTP(Dtap) causes the enhancement of b. parapertussis by 40-fold in vaccinated individuals. That means getting the “protective” vaccine caused b. parapertussis to grow in the lungs and airways of the victims oh I mean the “protected”, causing them to become contagious and spread b. parapertussis. B. parapertussis has all the same symptoms of whooping cough. It was a wind fall for vaccine manufacturers. The model was whooping cough will kill your baby get them protected.. Few people line up for the shot.. in 3wks all their friends are sick and lining up for a shot and then their friends and so forth till it was a wide spread epidemic. Hospitals and Doctors were raking in cash from all the sick people and getting bonus’ for all the vaccines given. A win for everyone except the poor infants who died caused mom and dad thought cocooning them was a good idea. Plus they were blaming the unvaccinated for this mess until the research came out and they had to admit it.

    • Vaccines have never protected anyone let alone saved anyone’s life. What’s more, they have caused and still cause far more harm including deaths in developed countries than the diseases they are (falsely claimed to prevent. The whole vaccination racket has been a failure and a fraud from its beginning in 1796 to the present day and we as a species won’t emerge from the Dark Ages until this appalling medical fraud and child abuse is abolished.

    • vaccineshurtbabies says:

      You are so brainwashed. I and all other children of my generation got measles and other childhood illnesses because there were no vaccines against them in those days, yet I never knew anyone to suffer adverse consequences, let alone to die from these generally harmless and actually BENEFICIAL childhood illnesses. Beneficial because we developed strong immune systems and life-long immunity because of them.

      Feel free to stick these filthy potions into your anatomy, but there is absolutely NO WAY I would let anyone with a vaccine of any kind come near me, or any child of mine.

  14. Adam says:

    There are two distinct ways of looking at your decision. One is from your own needs (and the needs of your children). This method of risk assessment, which is how you’re calculating your decision (I like it in theory!), is on first look, benevolent and pure. You love your family, and you’re making a choice that is ultimately what is BEST for you. This is, indeed, the mantra of the antivaccine movement. Now, if you will allow, I want to explain that on a deeper level–the second way of looking at this choice– you’re looking at it wrong. Vaccine is not a medication. It is not a supplement, or a cure. Vaccine is a PROGRAM, that is 1. part of a community-wide effort to increase health for all; and 2. reliant on a large percentage of the population to comply.

    Basically, what I just said was a nice way of saying that you’re a selfish epidemiological freeloader that, despite meaning no harm, is completely misguided in ethics. Since your family benefits from a community that, as a unit, is immune from certain disease, you really are obligated to take a part in that. Unless you’re a religious whack-job or a parent of an immunocomprimised child, which I trust is not the case. The risk assessment you have diligently compiled fails to recognize that there’s more to life than looking out for one’s self.

    Thank you,

    • I think you missed the memo… children who are vaccinated are still able to contract these diseases.. otherwise you wouldn’t be so reliant on “herd immunity” otherwise it would NOT matter if anyone was not vaccinated as if you were “immune” and came across another who had the disease you wouldn’t get it.. okay therefore you have the shot what are you worried about?.. it is because the vaccines don’t work.. there is a lot of information out there and it includes the fact that the diseases that the vaccines were meant to protect against were already rapidly declining before the vaccines were created.. i agree with you that this is a program, it is a program that is meant to create revenue.. look around you.. 1 in 55 children has autism, one in 3 is overweight, one in 10 has serious allergies (that never existed before) .. our children are unhealthy… our adults are unhealthy.. we live in world where we seem to think the answers are complicated.. but they are not.. it is as simple as watching what you put in your body.. if you have a strong immune system you will survive.. to think that it is alright to risk your child for the “greater good” sickens me.. it is about keeping your own healthy .. if your own are healthy then how can they get anyone ill???? if you are willing to risk your child’s mind and health because of a “program” I worry about your kids..

      • Maddy says:

        You may have heard people refer to the measles and chickenpox as ‘common childhood diseases’. That’s because they were. The disease rates for such diseases did not decline until mass vaccination; until then, everyone got them routinely as part of growing up. However, the death rates did show a steady decline beforehand, thanks largely to improvements in and better access to medical care.

    • Marco says:

      Hi Adam, i really don’t think his decision was the best for himself. I’m a parent and we decided not to vaccinate our daughter. there’s no best solution for a parent, either way there’s a risk involved. you can vaccinate them, follow the mass and do what you are told, maybe you are not worried about the diseases, but you are worried about the side effects and the long term issues your baby could have after being injected with those “ingredients”.
      Or you could decide to not vaccinate your baby, cause you think the risks behind the vaccinations is far greater than the risk of getting the disease.
      you will then have to live with most people looking you weirdly and giving you the “you are crazy” speech, plus that worry thought which, even if you are convinced of your decision, will always be in the back of your mind “i hope she won’t catch it”
      At least that’s where i’m standing. who knows what’s the best decisions? i don’t! I definitely know that mine wasn’t for sure what was best for me.
      what if i vaccinate my daughter and she gets sick or some brain damage?
      Risks are everywhere and behind any decisions we make. my sister had her daughter vaccinated with all the vaccination possible, which i think are around
      or 14, i was shocked, but it’s her daughter hence her decision, but to me that’s more a decision that was best for the mother, who is now convinced her daughter is safe.
      I read somewhere, i don’t remember where and i don’t remember the source, so don’t take this information as proof, maybe someone read it too and could help me out: years ago the vaccinations available for children were around 4, now they are close to 14. why? are there really so many more diseases? i thought we were getting healthier… or are the pharmaceutical companies getting wealthier??

      • In the US we vaccinate against 14 diseases. One of the last pediatric vaccines to be licensed is for the rotovirus, which kills about 2,500 children every day in the developing world. Since the vaccine was approved in 2006, the number of hospitalizations in the US from rotovirus has declined by about 80%. Varicella, which used to kill about 80 kids a year, and hospitalize thousands more, is rare because a vaccine was licensed in 1995. Pediatric hepatitis has declined over 90% since the vaccine came online. Bacterial meningitis is a dreadful disease. The time from onset of symptoms to death can be measured in hours, and if you’re lucky, you’ll just lose a limb or two. That vaccine was licensed in 1981.

        No, there are no more diseases. Just fewer children dying of them.

    • Susan says:

      So, Adam, what you’re basically saying is – Take one for the team!! If your child doesn’t have any side effects or dies, it’s all good then… But if they are one of the unlucky children (and there are many) who has an adverse reaction, suffers from a lifelong illness (like autism, diabetes, etc.) or worse, dies; well then, what are they according to this Vaccine PROGRAM – Acceptable Collateral Damage!?!? (They took one for the Team) Get a clue – I don’t need to vaccinate my children so that yours are protected – that is absurd logic! If vaccines really worked you should have no fear of an unvaccinated child – your children, after all, have the “Golden Shield”! Unvaccinated does not mean that they are automatically infectious and carry the disease. Unlike, most vaccinated children, who are carriers, and can shed it through their saliva or feces for days, if not weeks after their shot. Most adults from age 30 and up do not have nearly the amount of vaccines that are given to children these days (46 by age 6). (I had maybe 5 as a child) So how does that “herd immunity” theory work then???. Wouldn’t a large percentage, if not each and every adult need to get caught up with today’s vaccination schedule in order for that to work, and every one in the community to be healthy and protected??? If vaccines are so great for our health, why are we one of the sickest nations in the world?? What is wrong with natural immunity – our bodies can do amazing things, if our immune systems are not compromised and poisoned.

      • “If vaccines really worked you should have no fear of an unvaccinated child”

        If you were half as educated as you are pretending to be, you would know how specious your argument is. You would know that infants are too young to be vaccinated against many diseases. You would know that no vaccine is 100% effective. You would know that for every 100,000 five years olds who have received both recommended MMR shots, about 3,000 will still be vulnerable to measles.

        We are not one of the sickest nations in the world. Our infant mortality rate is about 6 / 1,000. The European Union, which uses a different definition of IM than we do, is 4.5/10,000. Most African countries are eight times that or more.

        • aangel says:

          The US is certainly one of the sickest developed countries.

          Autism gets all the attention but the brains of the past several generations of children have been so severely damaged that 1 in 6 children has a severe developmental disability in the US.

          “Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of severe chronic conditions that are due to mental and/or physical impairments. People with developmental disabilities have problems with major life activities such as language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living. Developmental disabilities begin anytime during development up to 22 years of age and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime.”

    • I guess children that have had adverse reactions to vaccines don’t make your list? The child siblings wouldn’t make that list either? What about those with high autoimmune disorders/dysfunction in their family line?

    • Vaccination is 100% a fraud. Your statement “Vaccine is a PROGRAM, that is 1. part of a community-wide effort to increase health for all; and 2. reliant on a large percentage of the population to comply” needs in my opinion to be rephrased as follows:

      Vaccine is a PROGRAM used to promote ill-health which is profitable for the medical-pharmaceutical establishment and is reliant on a large percentage of the population to comply to achieve that goal.

  15. DDU says:

    Your information is flawed, your thought process is flawed, and the fact that you put up a blog to justify a flawed decision shows the level of selfishness that you have. 150,000 children die every year from measles, why is that not in your justification above?

    • His information is not flawed. Measles is not usually a deadly disease. It is about having a strong immune system that is able to fight disease and there are many questionable ingredients in vaccines that actually can hinder the immune system, this has been proven. If you think information out there is flawed, how do you know it is not your information (that is being funded by multi-billion dollar companies) that is in fact flawed? I agree with this man. I have one vaccinated child and 2 others who are not. There are stark differences that make me want to cry for not avoiding vaccines with my oldest. I am only thankful there are more and more people everyday who realize this without having to injure more children.

    • Farhad Mohit says:

      That’s worldwide, not in the U.S., where I live, where the number was 54 people.

      Yes 54 people were infected with Measles in the whole of the United States in 2012! This is not according to some kooky blog, its from the Center for Disease Control:

      With this fact in hand then, the unselfish thing to do would be to ship our measles vaccines overseas at cost (where most of the infections are happening), instead of selling them for profit to the U.S. pop, who is not at all at risk.

      Such a policy would not only save hundreds of thousands of lives globally, but would also likely reduce our infection rate here too, as most instance of infections involve a traveller getting infected and bringing it back home.

      Unfortunately, there’s no money in erradication. So, don’t hold your breath waiting for such a rational vaccine policy.

      • Maddy says:

        The reason the incidence rate of such diseases is so low now is BECAUSE the population is mostly already immune thanks to vaccination.
        You need to check the disease rates in comparable areas (socioeconomically) with lower rates of vaccination, maybe even zero, to get a true idea of what the disease incidence would be. Remember that before measles vaccination came along, it was routine for everyone to have measles at some point in their childhood – the incidence rate was almost 100%.
        In some ways you are right – the best option, with disease rates as they are now, is to not vaccinate. I hope you are appreciative of the small risks others have taken that have brought about a situation that allows you the luxury of making that choice and not having it be a risk. The trouble is if lots of people choose that option, disease rates in future will increase, though meanwhile your immunity to them will not have. Your child will be at risk in that future, moreso than they are now, and some of those diseases are more harmful when they affect a post-adolescent.

        As for advocating eradication – that’s what people are trying to do. Vaccination is a key component of that effort.

      • Alex says:

        It’s so low in the US because of vaccination programs. Amazing that hey – countries with no vaccination programs = lots of deaths. Countries with vaccination programs = very few deaths. It amazes me how spoilt and selfish our generation has become. Herd immunity isn’t just about your kid. It’s about the immuno-suppressed leukaemia kid down the street who can’t take the vaccine or the 10 percent of people who the vaccine might not work on properly.

        • Farhad Mohit says:

          Alex: Selfish is what the for-profit industry is that has brainwashed everyone here with it’s inefficient and potentially harmful policy of blanket vaccination as the only / best way of approaching this problem. They are ignoring the data, ignoring public health costs, ignoring alternative approaches, and simply trying to make as much money as possible using scare tactics.

          Case and point, if the industry was concerned with eliminating these diseases instead of only concerned with making as much money from them as possible, there are some obvious strategies which aren’t being considered, much less implemented.

          For instance, in the case of measles, industry could stop selling measles vaccines for profit in the U.S. (where incidence is so low — 54 people in all 2012! — and usually involves a traveller bringing back the infection), and instead ship all available vaccines at cost to places like India where measles is running wild, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands of people each year.

          Unfortunately, that would be a bad business decision. Hence, no chance it will happen. Even though from a public health standpoint, even for the U.S. population, attacking this disease where it’s epidemic is by far the most logical / ethical / humane thing to do.

          Heck, it’s also probably the only strategy that might have a chance to eradicate the disease, once and for all. But, again, eradication is not something that the for-profit industry as a whole would celebrate, since it would eliminate a very profitable line of business.

            • Farhad Mohit says:

              What if this “program” you speak of, is this way not for the good of society, but because its being advocated and lobbied for by a set of self-serving institutions which benefit and make profit by having the most aggressive schedule possible and in fact are not making decisions for the sake of public health at all?

              Proof of this to me is most clear when you see that today, given the super low incidence of MMR in the U.S.,as an example, the best public health strategy for the U.S. population would be actually to ship many of our vaccines overseas at cost to places like India, where miillions are contracting and hundreds of thousands are dying of these diseases each year. And, heres the rub, from where a majority of the cases in the U.S.are contracted by travelers and brought back.

              Incidentally, this strategy would be the only path to eradication of these disease too.

              Instead these vaccines are sold for-profit here in the U.S., where they literally are doing more harm than good, given the incidence rate.

              Can you explain this strategy from a public health standpoint before I accept your premise that this is strictly a “program that’s for my own good”

            • Farhad Mohit says:

              crazy, paranoid? Did you know that the former Director of the CDC Dr. Julie Gerberding, immediately upon leaving the agency, got a job at Merck, leading their $5Bn Global Vaccine Business? Check it here:

              In the years prior to that, while she was directing the CDC, how do you think she would have signalled to Merck and other future employers that she might be the woman for this job?

              Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and they hired her because they want someone who even-handedly looks at vaccination and is conservative in how Merck should expand their business globally. 😉

          • Alex says:

            That’s a different issue – in the UK the vaccine is free, as it is in most other countries that don’t view a National Health Service as something weird and ‘communist’. But we’ve still got our share of non-vaccination advocates and we had a big scare in the nineties about it – which led to the outbreak in Wales this last few weeks. If the vaccination uptake drops below 90% then outbreaks occur. Suddenly thousands of parents are currently rushing their children to emergency clinics to get them vaccinated and as of today there are 942 cases in that one area and rising. One death so far, more expected. We are a country that like the US has good hygiene, sanitation, health service etc etc But because some idiots in the 90’s made false claims about the vaccine and they were reported in the media, thousands of people acted like you are doing and the result is what is happening today. The worst bit is you’re right, it probably won’t be your kid that gets sick and dies, but the kid who couldn’t take the vaccination for medical reasons, or the baby that isn’t quite old enough for the vaccination but who has lost the immunity from his mother.

            The bit I don’t get is you accept that we should be vaccinating countries like India where they don’t have a vaccination program because hundreds of thousands of people are dying from measles – yet you don’t want to be part of the vaccination program that is preventing the same thing from happening in your own country. And again, it is not about hygiene or sanitation – last year Cambodia reported not a single case of measles after a successful vaccination program was put in place by the WHO.

            Like I said above, our generation in the west seems to have forgotten that it takes a village…

            • Farhad Mohit says:

              Even your free vaccines are bought from big-pharma and paid for by your taxes. However, the fact that you have a national health service that at least is not “for profit” probably explains why the UK vaccinations schedule and that of most other civilized countries is far less aggressive than the one in the U.S.

            • Farhad Mohit says:

              And here’s another interesting tidbit:

              Did you know that the former Director of the CDC Dr. Julie Gerberding, immediately upon leaving the agency, got a job at Merck, leading their $5Bn Global Vaccine Business? Check it here:

              In the years prior to that, while she was directing the CDC, how do you think she would have signalled to Merck and other future employers that she might be the woman for this job?

              Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and they hired her because they want someone who even-handedly looks at vaccination and is conservative in how Merck should expand their business globally.

              Basically, those in the U.S. who believe that our public policy in the U.S. is being run purely for the good of the people, probably also believe that our politicians have only our best interest in mind… When, in fact, the whole state apparatus and all it’s agencies and departments have become completely entangled with and dependent on industry and monied interests. It’s a huge problem and unfortunately, those who don’t see it, keep believing blindly in all that is fed to them, and get easily abused by it.

        • JM - passerby says:

          Countries with no vaccinations programs are often poorer countries with poor quality water supply, sewage control, sanitation etc…. diseases became less prevalent in Europe and USA due to improvements in these “public” services – before vaccinations were introduced . . . that’s where to start – just vaccinating will not improve quality of life…for the people in those countries…

    • The kids you are talking about need food and clean living conditions not a shot. Did you know that in some horribly starved areas’ they have to give butter along with the shots? It’s cause the children are so malnourished that the shot kills them quickly.

  16. DW says:

    @DDU: Where on earth are you coming up with YOUR information? Per CDC website, reporting for 2011: Among the 70 (32%) measles patients who were hospitalized, 17 (24%) had diarrhea, 15 (21%) were dehydrated, and
    12 (17%) had pneumonia. No cases of encephalitis and no
    deaths were reported. 222 cases (total) were reported for that year, yet 150,000 children die every year? Interesting “fact.” Might want to do more research before commenting. Here’s the CDC info:

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  18. Frances says:

    I don’t have facts to spiel off I simply have experience. My daughter is not vaccinated and I am proud to say that before the age of 4 she had mumps and chicken pox. Both very mild cases but now she is immune for life. I chose not to vaccinate her because I reacted badly to every vaccine I was given and I got every disease I was supposedly vaccinated against. My daughter has a healthy diet and lifestyle so I am not worried about the “childhood” diseases that will strengthen her immunity.

    • Maddy says:

      Reacting badly to vaccines and knowing that your body fails to develop immunity as a result anyway is a valid reason not to vaccinate. I would still think it makes sense to try your daughter on at least one vaccine to test if she has the same problems as you.

      Being healthy doesn’t stop you from getting sick. One of the recent flu epidemics (swine or bird, I forget which) was notable for it being worse in people you’d normally expect to be more robust in their health, young adults (c.f. young children and the elderly).

  19. scipio africanus says:

    I tend to agree with the blog. If there’s no measles, there is no reason to vax against the measles. Pretty simple. If the collectivists think it is selfish too bad. Crying selfish is just a childish way to get other people to act against thier own interests anyway. The collectivist vaccine fanboys and girls will just have to live with it. If it makes you feel better your kids can have extra vaccine and take the doses I dont use.

  20. Martin says:

    The simple fact is that if another 10% or so of the population act as selfishly as the blogger then children will once again be brain damaged (1 in 1000), die (in in 10000) or get SSPE and die slowly (1 in 100000) because measles will once again become endemic. Measles is mostly benign, but not entirely so. The vaccine is about 3 orders of magnitude safer than the disease.

    You have just basically said, because everyone else gets vaccinated I don’t have to. That is being ridiculously selfish.

    Cat lady is wrong on her pertussis rates also.
    The pertussis vaccine reduces by at least one order of magnitude your chances of acquiring pertussis. Now because the vast majority of people are vaccinated it means more people vaccinated may acquire the disease. It is simple maths.

    However that does not mean the vaccine is useless. It means it reduces your chances of acquiring the disease by at least 10 times.

    If every single person was vaccinated there would still be some pertussis cases. they would all be vaccinated. But there would be far fewer cases overall.

    Science, try it some time.

    • Farhad Mohit says:

      Martin, you make a very big “if” assumption at the beginning. But I said all along that if the numbers change (which would take more than just 10% decision change… for instance, everyone could stop vaccinating and we could have another 20 years without an epidemic for some of these diseases because they just aren’t that prevalent anymore, sanitation habits have changed since the last epidemics mid-last century, etc.) But, if and when those numbers change (and we can see the stats weekly on the CDC site), we should all vaccinate again. Right now, no.

      Also, your analysis leaves out the fact that my “selfish act” should mainly be be risking my own child, if vaccines are effective. Or at a minimum I must necessarily risk my child’s health first, before she can pass it onto anyone else. How can I be “selfish” then, if my child is the one who must necessarily pay the price (i.e. infection), before she can be a risk to others?

      That indicates that I must obviously feel that the risk for infection is too low, given the benefits it confers, no?

      As to how that risk of infection became so low… It’s probably a combination of factors. Surely some of it is due to people vaccinating when the epidemics were running amok mid-last century. But much of it might be due to the fact that with better sanitation, hygiene, food handling, reporting / awareness, etc., that the risk of exposure has gone down too for many of these diseases. We can’t be sure it’s all “herd immunity”

  21. Hector says:

    Why would any sane person prefer to inject their child with a measels vaccine that contains anti freeze, mercury, animal dna.etc….which also has to be ‘topped up’ or ‘boosted’ every few years…..on the off chance that the vaccine actualy works?
    How many people out there have had the mmr jab but still caught measels?
    The side effects of measels can be drastically limited if proper care is delivered….for example no bright lights, plenty of vitamin A, plenty of fluid.

    Measels is not the plague! it is a childhood disease that ultimately strengthens our developing immune system. The media are just spouting off what the big pharmacutical companies want them to say…ie you are an unfit parent if you don’t vaccinate….

    Do your own research…the results might surprise you

  22. I didn’t read all 70 responses, so forgive me if I repeat anything.

    Regarding herd immunity. We, as Americans, already don’t have herd immunity. We’d need most adults to get *all* of their boosters too, and how many adults do you know who do?

    The truth is, vaccines don’t do a lot to prevent disease. Sarah, one of the first commenters, was right. Clean water, proper nutrition, better living standards, a better understanding of disease and how it spreads, all of these have done more than vaccines have to prevent and manage diseases. For everyone who says we’d all die of measles if we didn’t have the vaccine, when was the last time anyone in the US died of typhoid fever? And yet, we don’t have a vaccine for that. There has never been an effective, widely-used vaccine for tuberculosis, but that disease is also rare these days. The exception? In poor and poverty-stricken areas.

    We don’t vaccinate either. I wrote a blog post about it too:

    Oh, and to the person who said India doesn’t have a vaccine program – they do! And thousands of children are paralyzed thanks to the polio vaccine there. I’m sure they’re pleased as punch.

  23. Looking for answers says:

    The man who died in South Wales was 25 years old, 6’1 tall, and only eight stone in weight (50.8 kg) and suffered from asthma. You have to look and see if people who die have other health issues?

  24. Pantea says:

    I just have one question for every single person reading this blog who believes that every child should be on the same immunization schedule for “herd immunity”. When was the last time YOU got immunized for all of the diseases mentioned? If our children have to get booster after booster than obviously the effectiveness disappears. However, I don’t know many adults who regularily update their vaccines do you? I also don’t know any adults who have contracted any of the diseases mentioned. Don’t you think its fishy that our children have to be immunized for herd immunity but not one of you have mentioned yourselves in the scenario. (Most of us parents have only ever received a small percentage of the shots required for our children, and I’m guessing a majority of us did not run to the doctor to get vaccines we never received or needed boosters for). So how are our children being protected from us? Does this argument only apply to children regarding other children?

    Yes vaccines can help in many cases but it’s not a one size fits all situation. If we continue to give shots for every single disease that crosses our path than how many vaccines are our great grandchildren going to need? If our generation (1983) we needed a total of 23 doses of 8 vaccines by age 18 and our children need a total of 70 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18 than can you imagine what will happen to the generations to come? Talk about vaccine overload.

    This is my two cents on the matter – There is something called balance and every parent should do their own research and decide what they think is right for their child and their situation. Their are definitely some vaccines being given to our children that are really not life threatening or eradicated in the U.S, so as parents we should be choosy as to what we put into our children bodies whether it’s food or injected. Too much sugar can cause diabetes and too many vaccines can cause a number of disabilities as well. Too much of anything is bad.

  25. “….getting Chicken Pox once when you’re young is preferable to getting vaccinated several times…”

    I did get chicken pox once as a kid, that was in Nepal where I grew up.

    When Spring sets on all sorts of people end up with all sorts of allergies. I am lucky I don’t have to go through all the inconvenience. And I wonder if having grown up in a relatively low hygiene “Third World” country had its advantages. As in, I went through sicknesses that made my immune system strong.

    “….all vaccines also [could have unknown / disputed side effects too….”

    Steve Jobs was skeptical of modern medicine. He had a Gandhi like belief in being able to cure himself through things like the right diet, fasting, etc. That is noble. But some people feel if he had been more humdrum in his medical opinions, he might have been around to give us an iPhone 6.

    “Especially if the chances [for brain-damage are orders of magnitude higher from those same vaccines, and there may be] consequences of a compromised immune system and other side-effects just mean more $$$ to the same people vaccinating you?”

    Please elaborate.

    “here are some topics to consider, in order of priorty:
    1) Sugar intake : major helper of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, you name it… killing millions of people each year and I don’t see anyone sending me “Sugar Panel Notes” 🙂
    2) Food intake (quantity) : weight issues affecting 200,000,000 (2/3rds of the population)
    3) Food / Water / Air intake (quality) : Nutrition, artificial additives, contaminants, preservatives, in food, air, water disrupting our natural biological systems
    4) TV / Consumer commercialism pervading our lives with empty ideals and a sense of fear & loathing… Something that’s basically fucking the whole US. :)”

    All legit.

  26. Hello Farhad,

    I very much enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you 100%. Vacvination is a big moneymaking machine, with very little positive impact on human life. There are a few exceptions, like polio for example, but on a large-scale it is utterly useless.

    I sent you message on Facebook and hope we can chat one day!

    Love and Light,

  27. Dave M. says:

    Thanks for your great insight! I’m debating whether to vaccinate my kids. The only concern I have is that I’ve actually seen my friends’ children get some of the diseases that you say are so rare (which they are). How do I take this anecdotal evidence into account when making my decision? Should I let it affect my decision?

    • well, which disease? were their kids vaccinated? (if so, DOH!) what happened to the kids? In many cases, measles as an example, while the disease is an inconvenience to be sure, once it passes, the kid is left with a stronger immune system and life-long immunity. Good luck… the most important thing, I think, in regards to this and every parenting issue is to actively research and try your best to do what’s right for your family. You are doing that, and so kudos to you! 🙂

  28. Reblogged this on Earthy Crystal Mama and commented:
    Great read. Especially if you have done your research about how the majority of these diseases where very much in decline before the introduction of vaccines and is more likely due to increased sanitation, clean water, less malnutrition, and better sewer systems.

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  30. I wish more people understood that pumping toxic chemicals into your body is not a good way to keep healthy. Vaccines did not cause disease rates to plummet. Clean drinking water, proper hygiene and access to an adequate food supply are what has helped bring down disease.

  31. Dr s s babar says:

    I am also against vaccinations
    They lead to lots of upper respiratory infection and reduce immunity of normal living baby
    Also causes tonsillitis, adenoids and loss of appetite and makes baby irritable etc etc
    So no to vaccinations
    Instead treat ur child from Begining with homoeopathy!!

  32. Thank you so much for the wonderful article Farhad!

    You and others may already know about the documentary ‘Bought’ and are awaiting its release on 10 October 2014, meaning TODAY – with great anticipation!

    ‘Bought’ is bound to make a huge contribution to society by raising awareness about the dangers of vaccination, GMO and other insanities which have become entrenched in our society at the detriment of our and our children’s health.

    You can support this great project here:

  33. Kristy says:

    This was great. Perfectly done in a way that anyone should be able to understand exactly why people choose not to vaccinate. Giving facts and statistics and numbers actually written by the CDC in inserts that no one ever reads. Thank you!

  34. Miss Donna Sue says:

    I have some many things I could comment, but I will only bring up one aspect. Ebola has a 60-90% death rate. If we can bring doctors in with Ebola (which has no vaccine nor a specific treatment) and yet treat them to survival, why can’t our medical system do more to treat people with less deadly diseases (such as measles)? If we can keep them quarentined, why can’t we do more to keep other illnesses at bay when they do appear? Don’t tell me to have faith in our health care system when in comes to Ebola when they have to resort to vaccines for much more minor illnesses. Don’t expect me to believe their methods with minor illness when they handle major illnesses without vaccines.

  35. Danielle says:

    Awesome article. So true and so well written. Thank you for writing. Let the herd follow the herd and the ones who truly want to research (with the right research – not the media) educate themselves and make informed decisions.
    Kick backs from big pharma are killing and severely hurting our children. Time for a change!

  36. Janice S. says:

    What a load of irresponsible, self-centered drivel. I’m saddened that this is your belief. I’m someone that believes in alternative therapies and natural remedies, but do you even understand how vaccines work?! There is a time for chamomile and time for western medicine. Take a moment to meditate on it.

    • vaccineshurtbabies says:

      We know how vaccines work: they are VERY EFFECTIVE at promoting chronic ill-health, which is what they are REALLY designed, made and used for.

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  38. Courtney says:

    I love this information, thank you! I am wanting to quote you on: “Yet, CDC reports Severe Adverse Reaction (aka Encephalitis or Brain Damage!) for MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine at 1 in 1,000,000 (6x the infection rate!).” I clicked the link and read but could not find the information. Please guide me to this statistic. Thanks so much!

  39. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    Thanks for the great info and congratulations for deciding in favour of the in my estimation only safe and sane option: to keep your child vaccine-free!

    I suggest you correct these two typos:

    Tetnus should be Tetanus
    Pertusis should be Pertussis

  40. Thank you, thank you! The more people know, the more Informed Consent can happen. This info was hard to come by 20+ years ago when 2 of our 4 kids had severe reactions to the shots (that we were given no warnings or even insert ingredients when we asked).

  41. Julia says:

    Love this. Well presented, not pushy or arrogant, clear, friendly and concise. Enjoyed it all and will be using it in the future (if you don’t mind) 😄😁 Thankyou! Xx

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