Hi, I’m Farhad Mohit and this is my blog.

About Me: I love people and create things.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Farhad NAZANIN,,,,,

    Some how I got your article about Haft Sin. Really pride of you, you coming a long way, you might not remember but it is very clear to me that back in 2004 @ kamran Khavarani exhibition on the stairs you told me about “what your were thinking of whole concept of what you believe in now” you are a change man!!!!!! Universe need beings like you … Congratulation for your expansion and transformation.

    Best Regard,

  2. Hi Farhad,

    Super random question (I honestly didn’t know where else to post this): Why do you think DotSpots failed? I was really excited about the work you guys were doing over there.

    I read the message at dotspots.com, but I was still wondering….You couldn’t get enough people to use it, maybe just because not many people know about extensions?

    Anyway, was just curious because I’m working in a similar space, and would love to chat. I’m on twitter here http://twitter.com/#!/williamsonross and of course on email.


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